Wineland Tours – Tasting South Africa’s Wines

Arguably one of the most valuable things that South Africans have inherited from the early French Huguenot settlers who graced our shores so many years ago, is a tradition of wine farming and wine tasting. As you drive between Cape Town and Stellenbosch, you will discover a stunning wealth of wine farms just waiting to be discovered. The Cape Winelands are situated only an hour from Cape Town and if you are a connoisseur of this fabulous beverage, you simply have to add a Wineland Tour to your travel plans.

The Cape Wineland Tours basically feature a number of top-rate wine farms which are well-established and enjoy a sizable portion of the South African wine market. The tours focus on the creature comforts and luxuries which compliment such superb wines and as you make your way from farm to farm, you can often enjoy a number of other culinary delights too. If you take in a meal with your wine, you can be sure that it will feature superb food in a picturesque setting – a worthwhile treat. Cape Wineland Tours are often combined with visits to surrounding towns such as Stellenbosch, Franschoek and Paarl. However, the core focus should never be taken away from the superb wines which are grown right here in South Africa soil.

There are many different ways to enjoy the Cape Wine Route. If you have your own transport, the self-guided route is probably the most economical and you will be able to find pamphlets dedicated to the various wine routes at the nearest Tourist Information Bureau. Otherwise the next best option is a guided tour which is organised through a tourism agency. These tours usually feature extra perks since tour operators are able to make agreements with the owners and operators of the various wine farms. If you prefer taking your time as you make your way around, then there are two options you simply must consider. There is a trekking option which allows you to incorporate the natural beauty of the area with the crisp taste of the wines that you will sample. You might also want to consider a horseback trek in which a trusty horse does the legwork for you. The average Wineland Tour incorporates at least one tasting and a bit of information regarding the growing and maturing process used at the establishments. Wineland Tours can be incorporated with plans to travel the garden route and are a worthy addition to any holiday in the Cape.

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