Shakaland – Familiarise Yourself with Zulu Culture

KwaZulu Natal is well known for their lush lands, beautiful seas and the warrior Zulu nation. Why don’t you take a day trip to take part in the true Shakaland Zulu experience. There are a few day trips, a lot of them starting at 08h30 and lasting for eight hours.

You will be taken to Zululand and travel pass the rolling green hills of sugar cane fields and forest. On your way you can stop at Shakaland, in the Nkwalini valley near Eshowe, and view a genuine Zulu kraal. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live the life of the local Zulu people?

This is an amazing opportunity as you are given a wide arrange of different customs and daily activities of this once powerful nation to experience in one exhilarating day. You will be provided with a captivating cultural programme of Zulu traditions starting off with beer brewing and spear making – this will definitely take the interest of the men on the tour. But it’s not all fun and games; hut building will be next on the programme with the Zulu women showing there creativity with their pottery, weaving and beading work. The traditional dress will be worn each different one having significance, indicating their social standing or there marital status. Zulu etiquette and the layout and social structure of a kraal are only a few examples of the Shakaland Zulu Experience available to you.

Hold on the best is still to come! I’m sure the singing and the tribal dancing, which will be put on display for you, intrigues us all. For those thinking of their stomachs, don’t worry a classic Zulu meal will be served whilst you look out over the Goedetru dam, sitting comfortably in an open rodavel. If you have enjoyed the experience and want a small memento to remind you of this cultural experience go visit the handcrafts shop and pick something of interest there.

Something else to look forward to is on top of a hill. One of the largest Zulu kraals in Zululand stands alone there, overlooking the uMhlatusi River. This is Shaka’s birthplace and is now used as a museum after being built for the film Shaka Zulu. Again you can learn about the various Zulu cultures and traditions. Do yourself a favour and make a day to see what Shakaland Zulu experience is all about.

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