Golf Courses – Tee off on some of the best in the world

If you are a golfing enthusiast, South Africa has a beautiful climate, bright sunny days and some spectacular golf courses. You can enjoy the challenges of a variety of course designs and surfaces, some of which have been designed by award winning golfers and golf-course designers, with probably the most readily recognized being legendary South African golfer Gary Player.

You may have noticed that some of these spectacular golf courses have been featured on the European
PGA Tour – a testament to the high caliber of the courses available in this country. South Africa
has produced many golfing greats over the years and the variety and quality of the fairways have
only improved in recent times. As the country is quite large, you can be sure that you can choose
courses to suit your preferences. You can choose to stick to just one province or you may prefer
to make sure you get in many of the country’s vivid and appealing sights while you make your way
around South Africa.

Whatever the case, check the drop-down list of some of the more popular golf courses in South Africa
which may make your choice easier. It is wise to remember that the courses mentioned here are only
a select few and that there are hundreds of other golf courses waiting to be enjoyed. Your travel agent
might also be able to help you locate some of the other golfing estates. You may find that a golfing
tour of South Africa is one of the most enjoyable ways to see the country.

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