Durban Country Club – Come Play a Round

Easily regarded as one of South Africa’s most challenging golf courses, the Durban Country Club golf course is considered by many to be the best golf course in the country. It has hosted the South African Golf Open Championships 14 times which is more often than any other golf course in the country. The Durban Country Club has also hosted a number of other prestigious golfing events. Set amidst pristine sand dunes on the shores of the Indian Ocean, the course is both challenging and picturesque. When you combine the sandy turf with the indigenous bush, the salty air and the stiff sea breezes, you get an unparalleled golfing challenge. It is certainly difficult to believe that such a course exists right in the middle of a big city such as Durban.

The Durban Country Club opened its doors in 1922 and it wasn’t long before people started flocking to its golf course. By 1959 it was determined that an update was necessary and the club, along with sections of the course, were upgraded. The course is carved into the sand dunes that occur naturally in the area and when you combine the steepness of these dunes with the strong onshore winds that blow through here, it becomes easy to understand just why this course is so demanding. Then add to this narrow fairways, large bunkers and an array of shrubbery and you’ll get a course suitable for only the most experienced golfers. The course has eighteen holes with a Par 72. It measures 6 074 meters in length. Clubs can be hired and golf carts are available. The dress is ‘smart casual’ and no t-shirts or jeans are allowed. The course is open 365 days a year during the morning, but those wishing to play should make sure that they book by telephone in advance.

It is interesting to note that the 12th hole is also called the ‘Prince of Wales’ hole – after the prince who, when he played it in 1924, needed 17 strokes to finish it. This is just one example of the rich heritage that the Durban Country Club has. The Clubhouse has a restaurant, bar, swimming pool, tennis court, squash court, bowls facility and billiard tables as well as a pro shop. While there is not hotel on the actual course there are plenty of different kinds of accommodation in the surrounding city of Durban. The adjoining Durban Country Club Beachwood Course is also quite good if you are looking for a change of pace but does not share quite the same reputation as its brother. So come and enjoy the Durban Country Club just as millions have before you.

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