River Club Golf Course – Exclusive Golf Club

If you are ever fortunate to be invited to play on the River Club Golf Course, you should jump at the opportunity. This great 18-hole course is always kept in immaculate condition which makes for excellent play. Situated in Sandton, Johannesburg, the course is private and not only to the public. Therefore, you have to be either a member or a guest in order to enjoy this spectacular and exclusive little golf course. But don’t let this put you off. There are definite advantages to the level of exclusivity that this course has. For one thing, you will not be crowded on a regular basis on any of the greens so you will have enough time to plan your shots and little distractions preventing you from getting it right. Another is that you will be surrounded by like-minded golf lovers – a great environment in which to make new friends.

Apart from it’s location in one of Johannesburg’s most affluent suburbs and its reputation for immaculate grooming, The River Club Golf Course is also known for having one of the most difficult finishing stretches in the country. This final stretch has some of the best finishing holes and is part of a course which measures roughly 6 500 meters in length. The course was designed by Bob Grimsdell and Rob O’ Friel and it is rated Par 71. Though a bit different from the more usual grasses, the Kikuyu used on the fairways is indigenous, green and soft. Bent Grass is used on the greens to provide a good surface for those final putts. The River Club Golf Course is a parklands golf course with plenty of beautiful scenery, solitude and excellent golfing holes.

So if you are looking for an exclusive, up market golf club in the heart of Johannesburg, you can do no better than the River Club Golf Course. Because of the up-market nature of the River Club, no expense is spared to keep the entire course is top condition. Of course, gaining entry to the club could prove to be a small challenge but with the right sort of friends or connections, you may well be able to play all eighteen holes at your leisure.

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