Hiking Trails – Diverse and Adventure-filled

South Africa is a land of diverse landscapes, varied climates and abundant flora and fauna. With so many natural wonders to be seen and vast wild terrain to explore, South Africa is certainly a hikers dream. Whether you are just starting out or have been an avid hiker for many years, South Africa offers an abundance of opportunities to suit all types. What better way could there be to become acquainted with this magnificent country's wilderness areas and natural heritage.

From Cape Point in the Western Cape right up to Messina in Limpopo province, South Africa’s hiking trails criss-cross the majestic landscape. Guiding hikers across grassland, through forested corridors, up steep rocky outcrops, along golden beaches, past historical sites and beside antelope, hiking trails in South Africa offer an amazing adventure. South Africa’s hiking trails vary in difficulty levels, length and amenities. From simple day hikes, suitable for the entire family, to challenging 10 day hikes across the Drakensberg, there is something to fill every hiker’s appetite for adventure. Some trails provide accommodation along the way in the form of cabins whilst others will require you to carry a tent. When deciding what trail to hike in South Africa, there are several factors to consider, such as: the distance it takes to get there, degree of difficulty, length of trail, facilities, seasonality (i.e. what will weather conditions be) and special interests (e.g. birds, geology, snakes and botany).

SouthAfrica.com provides you with details on just a few of South Africa’s fantastic hiking trails. Here you will find information to help you decide if the hike is right for you as well as a look at the stunning landscape. Amongst these South African hiking trails are the renowned Otter Trail, beautiful Outeniqua Trail, impressive Giants Cup Hiking Trail, seaside Whale Trail, fun Prospectors Trail and others. South Africa’s hiking trails are under the care of SAFCOL, different parks boards, conservation bodies, municipalities or private land owners. It is important to book your spot on certain hikes particularly on popular trails such as the Otter Trail as accommodation is limited and you don’t want to miss out. If you are planning a vacation in South Africa and truly want to experience nature at its best, be sure to try out one of the great hiking trails.

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