Amatola Hiking Trail – Picturesque and Scenic

If nature and hiking outdoors is a passion of yours, then South Africa’s Amatola Hiking Trail in the Amatola Mountains is a must! This scenic mountain range lies in the Eastern Cape Province, starting at Maden Dam, near King William’s Town and ending 3km from Hogsback. The entire Amatola Hiking Trail is 105km or 6 days long, packed with the most exquisite scenery. Dense yellowwood forests and numerous waterfalls and refreshing mountain pools make for a picturesque hike.

At each hut, hikers can relax and put their weary legs up. Each hut contains bunks and mattresses for a comfortable nights rest for those tired out bodies. Wood and a braai area offer place to enjoy an evening of good down to earth food and war stories with your companions. Toilets and water are a given at every hut making for a comfortable hike.

South Africa’s Amatola Hiking Trail is strenuous and does require a high level of fitness, but for those that struggle, never fear, there are several escape routes and forests stations provided to help exit the trail. Something else to remember is the unpredictable weather and although there is plenty of refreshing mountain water along the way the first, second and sixth day of the hike may prove to be a bit sparse. It would be good to keep this in mind and ensure you have backup supplies if so needed.

The Amatola Hiking Trail can be accessed through out the year, though the best time to enjoy the many waterfalls and mountain pools is during the summer months. Along the way don’t forget to look out for the many animal, bird and insect species that make the Amatola Mountains their home. Animals like Bushbuck, duiker, samango monkey, baboon, bushpig, giant golden mole, earthworm, Amatola toad and Hogsback frog add to the incredible adventure. Don’t worry all you bird lovers there is a rich birdlife to keep you entertained. Birds like the Cape parrot, Knysna Lourie and many others will keep you clicking away so keep your eyes open.

The final day of the Amatola trail in South Africa, takes you under the Zingcuka indigenous forest canopy. As you look out from one of the last falls on your way out, you will see the notable view of the Amatola basin. Once you have ascended the Hogsback peak you will make the final leg of your hike down to Hogsback. At the end of the trail transport that you have arranged beforehand, will whisk you away until your next adventure.

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