Blyde River Canyon Hiking Trail – Magnificent Scenery

The Blyde River Canyon Trail is located within the Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve in Mpumalanga. The Blyde River Canyon is probably the most scenic mountain view available in South Africa, with a 33 kilometer gorge and beautiful rock formations. The once rapid river formed spectacular swirl holes, and being the third largest gorge in the world, this breathtaking area, is undeniably a natural wonder worth viewing. The lush vegetation in Blyde River Canyon provides a superb habitat for a variety of wildlife species.

The entire length of the Blyde River Canyon Trail is approximately 60 kilometers and takes in the region of five days to complete the hike. The trail can be explored in shorter two to three day trails as well. The Blyde River Canyon Trail covers the escarpment, wet lands and the canyon. The diverse terrain secures an adventurous trail, with wildlife sightings, beautiful waterfalls, 6 meter potholes and footbridges. For the disabled visitor, there is a recently developed circular 180 meter trail.

The Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve provides luxurious accommodation that ranges from warm, comfortable cottages to camping under the African stars. The reserve is situated on 24 984 hectares of picturesque landscapes, which makes any accommodation option a memorable experience. And if hiking across this beautiful nature reserve does not interest you, the Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve has game drives, horse riding, mountain biking, abseiling and white river rafting. For the traveler seeker more relaxation than action, there are tennis courts, swimming pools and boat trips available.

Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve in Mpumalanga is close to the Kruger National Game Reserve, so day excursions to the neighboring reserve are also available to the Blyde River Canyon visitors. The Blyde River Canyon reserve also boasts with 1000 different species of flora, and geological masterpieces such as God’s Window, the Three Rondavels and Bourkes Luck Potholes, located on the reserve. A vast variety of flora species located around the reserve are unique to this area, and will not be found anywhere else in the world. Approximately 20 species are cycads that are extremely rare and some endangered. With such a vast variety of natural works of art, and an even larger option of ways to witness all the beauty the reserve offers, the Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve invites all to enjoy a once in a life time adventure.

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