Giant’s Cup Hiking Trail – A Memorable Adventure

South Africa’s Giant Cup Trail takes you along the scenic foothills of the Drakensberg from Sani Pass, ending 59,3km later at Bushman’s Nek. All can enjoy the Giant Cup Trail, including children. Although some sections are steep within the Cobham and Garden Castle Reserves, any reasonably fit person can complete each section quite easily. Small patches of forest indigenous to the area can be seen in the beginning but majority of the Giant Cup Trail is mountain grassland.

The whole trail takes approximately 5 days to complete and has overnight huts to rest the weary legs at the end of each day. If this sounds a bit more than you can handle, the trail can be shortened by a day or two by starting or finishing at Swiman or Pholela Huts. It would then be suggested that your cars be parked at either Cobham or Garden Castle parking area.

Packing for the hike may prove to be a bit of a mission as the weather can change dramatically anytime of the year. Generally the nights are cool in summer and very cold, with expected snowfall in winter, but snow can fall at anytime! Rainfall occurs mostly during the summer months and mists with low cloud are common. Basically the best advice is to pack for all types of severe weather conditions. Like the weather, the fauna also varies, from eland to dassies. Birds are not so common in the higher altitudes but a variety of birds of prey can be found, so for all those bird watchers, bring your camera for some striking photos!

Ensure you have arrangements made for your transport back otherwise it will be a long hike back to your car. Note however that wherever you park it will be at your own risk. At every overnight stop you will be provided with a bunk bed and mattress and a few extras, but you will be expected to bring your own bedding and equipment for cooking. All huts along the Giants Cup trail have flush toilets and cold refreshing showers after your long dusty and sweaty walk. The beautiful Giant’s Cup hike is one to keep in among all the other incredible memories you have collected.

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