Outeniqua Hiking Trail alongside the Garden Route

The Outeniqua Hiking Trail winds its way along South Africa's famous Garden Route, through ancient indigenous forests with towering tree ferns and delicate montane fynbos. Hikers never fail to be impressed with the sweeping views of the coastline and the magnificent mountain scenery. Relics of the gold rush found near Millwood add a historic angle to the journey, while bird and animal life is abundant. Most hikers who have tackled the Outeniqua Hiking Trail will readily agree that, while it is considered to be one of South Africa's toughest hiking trails, it is well worth the effort.

The picturesque Outeniqua Hiking Trail is a self-hike trail that is well signposted and has hut accommodation along the way. The entire 90 kilometer long trail takes around five days to complete, but shorter sections can be accessed. On the other hand, if at the end of the five days you have some unexpended energy, you can continue with the two-day Harkerville trail.

The Outeniqua Hiking Trail starts off at the Beervlei hut with the first day ending at Windmeulnek hut (16 km). Hikers can spend the night at Windmeulnek and double back as a two-day circular trail, or continue to Platbos hut (17 km) the following day. Day three is a 15 km trek to Millwood hut, day four covers 17 km ending at Rondebossie, and day 5 sees a distance of 13 km being covered to end the trail at Diepwalle hut, where hikers have the luxury of electricity and hot water. Certainly, the Outeniqua Hiking Trail is a great way to enjoy the natural heritage of South Africa – if you are up to the challenge.

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