Scuba Diving – Underwater Exploration in South Africa

Swimming with a self-contained underwater breathing apparatus (SCUBA) allows the average person to spend much longer periods of time under water enjoying the many natural beauties that can be found here. Scuba diving opens a whole new world of wonder to ocean lovers – a world which you share with the colorful creatures that live meters below the water’s surface. Scuba diving in South Africa is certainly no different and you can enjoy a variety of underwater activities at a number of beautiful spots along the country’s vast coastline.

South Africa has 2,798 kilometers of coastline. The country’s shores are lapped by both the icy cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the warmer waters of the Indian Ocean. In fact, these two oceans meet at the very tip of the African continent in a tumult of rock, water and strong undercurrents. Because of this, the water temperature varies the whole way along the coast and you will find that South Africa’s oceans are home to great white sharks, whales who come here to birth, and bottlenose dolphins. The oceans also hold reefs, sunken vessels and a variety of animal life. The Scuba Diving industry in South Africa is very well established and you will find at least one diving center in every major coastal city. These diving centers will be able to organize a dive based on your requirements and budget. They have access to boats, know all the best dive spots and can introduce you to a host of fellow-minded divers who may want to join you on your underwater journey. You can either make use of an existing diving license or, if you have enough time, you can qualify for your license with one of the local dive centres.

Qualified divers may want to try out a scuba diving safari in South Africa. In this way they can dive all the wrecks, seek out specific marine life, swim with dolphins and whales, have their breath taken away by a close encounter with sharks and explore caves nearly every day of the week. As they make their way along the coastline they will be able to enjoy many different facets of it, with a number of dive operators offering trips to neighboring Mozambique where manta rays, whale sharks and bull sharks add an extra edge to a diving experience. So book your dive now and enjoy a whole new dimension of South African wildlife.

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