Water Sports – Endless Fun in South Africa’s Waters

South Africa is truly a water lover’s paradise. Filled with lakes, rivers, dams and kilometers of pristine coastline, the opportunities truly are endless. This is a fact which has not only invited water sport enthusiasts to bring their favorite sport to the country, but has also inspired several new sports or made for the very best sporting conditions in the world for a number of water sports. There are a variety of water sports in South Africa which can be attempted by both the complete novice and the experienced expert.

Jet skiing is one such sport. Whether you’re doubled up behind someone or screaming through the surf solo, this fun sport makes for a great distraction on any vacation. It can be enjoyed on lakes, dams or rivers but it is often best enjoyed in the sea where waves serve as ramps and there is an endless amount of space. If you prefer working with the elements to provide your mode of impulsion, wind surfing is a popular alternative. This sport has been around for quite some time now, and South Africa provides some excellent conditions to challenge even the most experienced wind surfers. Paddle skiing, skiing and surf skiing are also great ways to make use of the big blue sea. South Africa is also known for it’s surfing and body boarding and some of the best surfing spots can be found at Cape Town, Durban, Jeffrey’s Bay and East London.

More recently, kite surfing has taken South Africa by storm. Though somewhat expensive to start, kite surfing requires stamina, strength, mental vitality and guts. It can be enjoyed on a quieter scale in a dam or on a lake, but most people prefer to head to the sea where strong winds add to the challenge. Other water sports may include scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, black water tubing, white water rafting and canoeing, to mention a few. So when you visit South Africa, don’t forget to pack your swimming costume and a good sun block. You won’t be disappointed by the variety of water sports in South Africa!

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