Cape Town Art Galleries – Vibrant and Trendy

Cape Town is not only one of the most picturesque cities in South Africa, but it boasts a vibrant and cosmopolitan culture as well as a long and interesting history. Over the years many South African artists have seen fit to express this dynamic mixture through art.

Cape Town may have a strong sense of history but it is also very much a trendy hot spot on the South African coastline. It is here that the warm Indian Ocean and cold Atlantic meet in a tumultuous blend and it is also here that art bubbles and explodes in the form of paintings, sculptures and much, much more. One of the city’s top galleries is the South African National Gallery which features, not only old and new artworks, but international painting and sculpture. The gallery's collection is largely permanent, but is varied from time to time. There is also a touch gallery for the blind to explore, and films and lectures which provide visitors with additional information. Of course, this is certainly not the only great art gallery in Cape Town so why not spend some time viewing the fresh and bold ideas expressed in various mediums by leading South African artists at the various galleries around the city?