Stellenbosch Art Gallery – Rich Heritage

The Stellenbosch Art Gallery is situated at 34 Ryneveld Street, in Stellenbosch. A street that has been drenched in history, from the start of this town’s existence. Located near the Stellenbosch University, this gallery is at the heart of local activity.

As with most galleries in this modern day and age, the
Stellenbosch Art Gallery also uses their website as a medium to display
their fine artwork to local and international buyers. With a vast
range of artist and style of works, there is guaranteed to be a piece for
every discerning art collector. The Stellenbosch
has an inspiring range featuring ceramics, glassware, paintings and

Visitors can view colorful, inspiring pieces by
Kenneth Baker (1921 – 1995), as well as works by Hennie Nieman, Conrad Theys,
H de Clercq, Robert Slingsby, and many others. And in the masters’
collection, there are paintings by the likes of Gregoire Boonzaier and Piet
Kannemeyer. The Stellenbosch Art Gallery also exhibits an
extraordinary range of wildlife works, bringing to life the spirit of Africa.

In the graphics section, the work of Pieter van der Westhuizen and
William Kentridge will open your mind to an entire new world of art, and
the selection of glass creations are a visual feast of tantalizing
color and form.

Also available from the Stellenbosch Art Gallery, are a variety of
art books, written by authors such as F.P. Scott, Marion Arnold, Andre
Brink, and others. The books vary in topics and have autobiographies
available, for example, the autobiography of Gerard Sekoto: My Life and
Work. Gerard Sekoto was born in Middleburg, Transvaal, on 9 September
1913. Leaving for Paris in 1947, he became respected in South Africa for
his two-dimensional art, but has also built a legacy as an accomplished
musician by composing 29 of his own songs. The Stellenbosch Art
Gallery recognizes all artists, and strives to accommodate all forms of

The Stellenbosch Art Gallery, through their range of books and
exhibited work, offers the art lover the opportunity to enter the mind of
an artist, and the art in the minds of many talented people.

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