Durban Art Galleries – Cross-pollination of Cultures

The beautiful landscapes of the Zulu Kingdom are an inspiration to a number of artists. As these creative geniuses soak up the bohemian lifestyle, the cross-pollination of cultures and the warm, salty air, their imaginations are sparked and their creative talents simply pour out. No wonder there are so many great art galleries in Durban.

The Durban Art Gallery is KwaZulu Natal’s regional gallery and it houses an impressive collection of both old and new artworks by national and international artists. It features various aspects of art, including more unusual forms such as beadwork, and is simply a delight to visit. The BAT Center will take you closer to the people and their various art forms, while a trip to the African Art Center can certainly help to support a family in need, whilst at the same time providing you with a window on the wealth of talent that exists among South Africa’s poorer communities.