African Art Centre – Promoting Art in Kwazulu Natal

Established with the backing of the South African Institute of Race Relations in 1959, the African Art Centre is a non-profit organization which is designed to help local black artists and craftspeople promote their work and support themselves. The African Art Centre became a non-profit organization in 1982 and, despite its small beginnings, it now has a well-established reputation for assisting mainly black artists from KwaZulu Natal to establish themselves on the South African art scene.

The African Art Centre has a number of aims which are central to the running of the centre. The first is to provide a place where local artists can promote and sell their artworks. The second is to provide and incentive for local artists and craftspeople. The third to assist individuals to help themselves by providing an income for rural and urban people. The centre also helps to promote young and establish artists and craftsmen by providing funding, training, and publicity through exhibitions and displays. The African Art Centre also works hard to discover new talent and then encourage this talent and creativity. The final aim of the centre to use document contemporary African art and craft trends and in doing so to preserve our cultural heritage. Thus far the African Art Centre has managed to uphold all the above ideals.

If you are looking for new art works for a private or public collection, the African Art Centre is the place to go. Not only does the centre house some truly exceptional works of art, but many of the craftspeople that sell their works through the centre are the sole wage earners for their families. In supporting the centre, you are also helping thousands of African artists to support their families. You might also be contributing to the reputation of the artists, improving their chances to achieve both national and international fame. And, as the Art Centre can give you insight and information into the various artists and craftsmen, you can be sure that you will be making a well-informed decision with every purchase. So support the African Art Centre and discover something truly exceptional.

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