Everard Read Art Gallery – A Fascinating History

In 1913, in Johannesburg, one of South Africa’s most famous art galleries was established. The Everard Read Gallery has grown in sophistication and size, just as Johannesburg grew into South Africa’s capital of finance and business.

In 1980, the prestigious suburb of Rosebank welcomed the Everard
Read Gallery into its midst. The new landmark building, which is now home
to the Everard Read Gallery, exhibits post-modern architecture. The
Everard Read Gallery boasts four new exhibitions areas, designed and
built in various sizes with clerestory windows to maximize daylight.
The Everard Read Gallery also features sculptured courtyards, and all
this creativity surrounds the administrative offices, which are situated
in an authentic 1920 house.

The finest artworks emanating from South Africa have become synonymous
with the Everard Read Gallery. Celebrated painters and sculptors,
traditional artists, past, present and future artists, exhibit with the
Everard Read Gallery.

The Everard Read directors are also passionate about nature
conservation, and therefore the gallery has a wildlife department associated with painters
and sculptors that specialize in this field.

In 1996, the Everard Read Gallery extended itself to the V&A
Waterfront in Cape Town
. The small but dynamic gallery opened its doors in
September 1996, but was soon searching for bigger premises due to the
overwhelming response received from both the public and artists.

In 1999, South Africa architect, Revel Fox, transformed a vernacular
building in Portswood Road into an elegant gallery, complete with
sculpture courtyards and custom designed bronze gates, designed by David
Brown and Guy du Toit.

The close relationship between the Everard Read Galleries in Cape
Town and Johannesburg, ensures that both galleries have access to art
around the sub-continent and the finest art from abroad. The Everart Read
Gallery in Cape Town takes particular pride in discovering new, locally
based artists, and supplies the Johannesburg gallery with these pieces.
The Everard Read Gallery also houses one of the oldest dealerships in
Cape Town, Louis Schachat’s “Die Kunskamer”, which is renowned for
handling last century and contemporary works of the South African masters.
The Everard Read Cape Town Gallery, has allocated a
quarter of its premises to this. Together, the two Everard Read
, have become an art and culture force of their

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