Tina Skukan Art Gallery – Living Art

Are you looking for that ultimate painting or sculpture to add the finishing touch to your home? Do you want an artwork by someone whose style is dynamic, individualistic and inherently African? Perhaps you’re merely looking for an artwork which captures a deep love and appreciation for the country of South Africa. Whatever it is that you are looking for, why not visit the Tina Skukan Gallery? You may well be surprised at what you find here.

The Tina Skukan Gallery is located at 6 Koedoeberg Road in Faerie Glen, Pretoria. This stunning little South African Gallery has a unique flair, regularly housing the artworks of artists who show an intense love for various aspects of their surrounding country. It is this love which they reflect their artwork, which can be either paintings, sketches, ceramics, sculpture or even mixed media. Often times the Gallery looks to artists who prefer to focus on the romantic side of rural life – making use of images or items that one would find in the South African countryside. One such artist is Michèle Nigrini who has had more than one exhibition at the Tina Skukan Gallery. This brilliant artist has always enjoyed painting the many different things around her which appeal to her. Her artwork is alive with movement, feeling and passion – no matter how seemingly simple the subject matter might be. Most recently Nigrini has chosen to focus on the simple things that surround her – various every elements of farm life which have a way of changing everyday. Her passion for her surroundings is clearly reflected in her art and virtually anyone can truly appreciate her dynamic style of painting.

Another intriguing artist who has showcased at the Tina Skukan Gallery is Dahla Hulme. This brilliant artist makes use of everyday farm implements that she finds lying around to create functional artworks such as tables and fruit dishes. In doing so, she believes that she is capturing the past, a part of the country’s heritage, and making it useful and decorative to people who live in the present. So why not make your way down to the Tina Skukan Gallery and view their latest exhibition. It’ll probably take your breath away.

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