Hobie Beach – Port Elizabeth’s Most Popular Beach

Port Elizabeth’s Hobie Beach is probably the city’s most popular beach. Though there are various stretches of beach around the city’s coastline, Hobie is the top swimming and entertainment beach. Complete with a pier, close proximity to an entertainment complex, a lifeguard clubhouse, public toilets, showers, swimming pools and even an esplanade, there isn’t much you won't be able to do at Hobie Beach.

The usually quiet waters of Hobie Beach are perfect for swimming. They are constantly watched by trained lifeguards who do their best to ensure that swimmers stay as safe as possible. The undercurrent is relatively weak and the shoreline features a gradual inclination which does not plummet or lie too shallow for too long. Depending on the time of year and current weather conditions, the water can be warm or cold and the weather can be windy or mild. Only a few meters from the shoreline, you’ll find a two takeaways, a beach shop, a bar, restaurants and plenty of public parking. During the holidays, this massive paved area is used to support stalls, stages and sometimes even fireworks. The Pier provides an excellent lookout point and often you can see dolphins or even whales from this point. Tempted as you may be to jump from the pier, you should keep in mind that this is prohibited by law.

Right across the road from Hobie Beach, you’ll find the Boardwalk Casino and Entertainment Complex where you can shop till you drop, play a variety of games or gamble. There are also a variety of excellent hotels which are situated right on the beachfront for added convenience. Hobie Beach is part of a series of beaches that stretch along the coast for kilometers. Surfers might venture a few kilometers east of the beach where they will find an excellent surfing spot while swimmers might want to join the swimming club in the early hours of the morning. The club departs from under the bridge located to the west of Hobie Beach.

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