Sardinia Bay Beach – A Piece of Paradise

Visitors to Port Elizabeth are often referred to beaches such as Kings Beach and Hobie Beach, as they are within the city limits and are surrounded by attractions such as the casino, restaurants, pubs and stores. But for those seeking tranquility and a peaceful family afternoon along the coast, a small piece of heaven is located a mere ten minutes from Port Elizabeth, and is a favorite escape for locals: Sardinia Bay.

Sardinia Bay is situated within a protected natural region, and borders on the Chelsea Downs Nature Reserve, which is accessible from the beach and is open to the public. Lifeguards are on duty here at certain times, with a life saving club house on the beachfront and two buildings housing public toilets make up the list of facilities. The beach is generally frequented by sand boarding enthusiasts, surfers, kite surfers and families enjoying a quiet picnic or braai. Locals also flock to Sardinia Bay to walk their dogs or to ride their horses along the soft sand. To enjoy a beach that is surrounded by wonderful natural landscapes and enjoy an afternoon of relaxation, head towards Sardinia Bay and avoid overcrowding and bustling streets.

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