The Point – Surfing and Solitude

With a reputation for offering some of the biggest and best waves in South Africa, Jeffrey’s Bay certainly needs no introduction. There are several surf points around the town’s coastline which make for great surfing. One of these is know as the Point. One of Jeffrey’s Bay’s more average and uncrowded surf spots, Point is popular with a variety of surfers.

Point is situated a little further down from Supers, roughly two-thirds of the way between point and the outside peak at Supertubes. Point is popular with a variety of surfers because it is not as difficult to surf as Supers but it still offers plenty of fast walls and fun barrels. It is also not as crowded as Supers so you’re competition is not as fierce. However, if you are an experienced surfer you may prefer to move further up the point where you will find a variety of exceedingly great surfing spots. Boneyards, Supertubes, Impossibles, Tubes and Kitchen Windows are all famous surf spots that can be found in close proximity to each other at Jeffrey’s Bay. Some offer great surfing action while others are so dangerous that you simply have to be at least a little insane to attempt them.

Jeffrey’s Bay is located in the Eastern Cape Province and is roughly about an hour’s drive on the N2 southwest of Port Elizabeth. Most know of this sleepy little town because of its reputation as being one of the five most famous surfing spots in the world. Jeffrey’s Bay regularly hosts a number of massive surfing events such as the Billabong Pro WCT surfing event which is held at Supertubes. It also hosts the Billabong Pro surfing competition which draws a number of top surfers from around the world every year. The competition also draws large numbers of tourists who enjoy watching the action and browsing the flea market that normally accompanies the event. If you surf, make sure that you include the Point as part of your travel plans.

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