Bay of Plenty – Surfing and Beach Volleyball

Forming part of Durban's vibrant Golden Mile, the Bay of Plenty lies at the heart of the beachfront, with high-rise hotels and apartment buildings making the most of the stunning sea view. Along with North Beach and South Beach, the Bay of Plenty is the venue for a number of international surfing and beach volleyball tournaments, as well as being popular with the holiday crowds that flock to KwaZulu Natal’s shores at every opportunity.

Surfers rate the Bay of Plenty as having consistent surf, offering both left and right hand waves, and as with the other beaches along Durban’s beachfront, there are shark nets in place to minimize the risk of meeting up with one of these predators that enjoy the warm Indian Ocean waters. The Bay of Plenty’s pier is a favorite spot for anglers to enjoy their sport, although fishing is restricted to certain times of the day during holiday season.

With parking all along the beachfront allowing easy access to Durban’s beaches, holidaymakers don’t need to waste any of their precious leisure time in getting to the Bay of Plenty and settling in for a fun-filled day on the beach.

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