Wedge Beach – Surfers Paradise

Durban's beautiful beaches are very popular among both local and international surfers, with surfing competitions taking place along the beaches of the city's Golden Mile on a regular basis. So it should come as no surprise that some of Durban's beaches have names that relate directly to surfing, and such is the case with Wedge Beach located to the right of the beachfront's new pier. The word "wedge" has become a universally accepted term to describe the shape of waves that turn upwards to form a triangle, also sometimes referred to as an "A-frame", offering surfers the opportunity to enjoy their chosen sport.

Durban is a popular KwaZulu Natal holiday destination for South Africans as well as overseas visitors. With more than its fair share of excellent waves, a long stretch of sandy beach, warm water and even warmer weather, Durban’s Wedge Beach certainly has a lot to offer surfers, swimmers, spectators, sunbathers and anyone who is looking for an enjoyable day on one of South Africa‘s lovely beaches.

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