Bikini Beach – Beautiful Blue Flag

The Hollands Hottentots Mountains form the backdrop for the picturesque Gordon’s Bay which is located approximately thirty minutes drive from Cape Town. Not only is it a popular escape from city life for locals, but it is also home to one of the Western Cape’s Blue Flag beaches, Bikini Beach. Earning a Blue Flag guarantees visitors that Bikini Beach is safe and clean, but there are many other reasons that make Bikini Beach a popular location.

Unlike some of the other beaches in the area, Bikini Beach is not as rocky and is safe for swimming. This allows for water sports and the beach is usually alive with volleyball games, families and surfers. During the months of July to October, visitors could also be surprised by migrating whales on their way to False Bay. The beautiful sandy stretches of Bikini Beach are the perfect location for sunbathing, relaxing or having fun with friends.

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