Boulders Beach – Penguin Viewing Site

Located on the False Bay coast near Simonstown, Boulders Beach consists of a number of small sandy bays sheltered by huge granite boulders (hence the name) which are thought to be more than 540 million years old. With clear blue water on one side and indigenous bush on the other, Boulders Beach forms part of the Table Mountain National Park and is a popular destination for sun-loving holidaymakers.

Boulders Beach is home to a colony of African Penguins and is one of the few sites where visitors can observe these fascinating birds at close range. Despite the fact that Boulders Beach is a residential area, of their own accord two breeding pairs moved into the area in 1982 and decided to stay. The penguin colony now numbers around 3,000 but still remains on the IUCN Red Data List as a ‘vulnerable species’. Wooden walkways ensure that visitors can take a look at the penguins in their natural habitat, without disturbing them and the information center provides insight into these distinctive black and white birds.

The penguins may be the main attraction at Boulders Beach, but the warmer waters of False Bay, along with the sheltered little bays with their sandy beaches, make this Western Cape beach an ideal place to spend a day soaking up the sun.

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