Kommetjie Beach – Popular Surfing Beach

Surrounded by majestic mountains and with the cold Atlantic Ocean washing its shores, Kommetjie in the Western Cape has held onto its rural characteristics, and even though it is a suburb of the city of Cape Town, its residents consider it to be a seaside village separate from the Mother City. The village of Kommetjie overlooks a small rocky inlet resembling a basin, and takes its Afrikaans name from the words for small basin.

Bordering on Noordhoek Beach, the beach at Kommetjie is popular with surfers who take on the challenge of powerful Atlantic Ocean waves that rise up over rocky sandstone reefs. The surf zone at Kommetjie Beach is thick with extensive kelp forests which, even from a distance, can be seen as a dark mass moving back and forth in the waves.

While surfing may be the main water activity at Kommetjie Beach, mainly due to the temperature of the water, it is nevertheless popular with holidaymakers wanting to soak up the sun and enjoy the scenery. Nature lovers will appreciate the abundant birdlife in the fynbos covered dunes of Kommetjie where a variety of endangered plant species enjoy protection as part of the Western Cape‘s fynbos biome.

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