Kruger National Park – World Renowned African Wildlife Adventure

South Africa's Kruger National Park is probably one of the most renowned game reserves in the world. Encompassing 20 million hectares of African flora and fauna, the Kruger National Park Game Reserve is a rich blend of natural wonders, historical heritage and archaeological sites, offering an authentic African wildlife experience that no tourist should miss.

Kruger National Park was created in 1898 as a massive conservation effort in South Africa’s Lowveld region. Cared for by SANParks, Kruger is uniquely diversified in both plant and animal life. This outstanding game reserve has become well-recognized around the world for its successful environmental management policies and techniques. As such, Kruger National Park has become the flagship of all of the national parks in South Africa. While visiting this massive retreat, tourists can expect to spot a wide variety of species out of the 363 tree species, 34 amphibians, 147 mammals, 507 birds, 49 fish and 114 reptile species which call the reserve home. Way back in history man began leaving his mark on the stunning Lowveld environment, living in harmony with their natural surroundings. Within the bounds of Kruger are Masorini and Thulamela, two fascinating archaeological sites featuring bushman rock paintings. Thus, the game reserve has not only come to represent South Africa’s amazing natural heritage, but also the many cultures, individuals and events in the country’s vivid history.

Visitors to Kruger National Park never fail to be impressed by the sheer beauty of the landscape and this world-renowned game park offers much in the way of activities, aimed at the entire family. Morning and night game drives top the list of popular activities. Well-maintained game drive vehicles will transport you through the park where you can spot a variety of wildlife, including the famous Big 5. A well-trained game ranger on the drive will provide you with information on your surroundings, making the experience even more fulfilling. Game drives run for 3 to 4 hours. Your guide is likely to know the best game viewing spots, so in general, you should enjoy a morning or evening full of wildlife encounters. Kruger National Park has also set-up a number of lovely wilderness trails, providing a unique opportunity to get very close to the spectacular animal life of the reserve. Along with armed trail rangers, you can traverse a variety of terrain and truly experience Africa. Kruger’s mountain bike trails are also growing in popularity. From Olifants Camp you can enjoy this great outdoor adventure which brings you up close to nature. While enjoying a pleasant game drive, a lovely walk or a tough mountain bike ride there are certain things you will want to look out for. Of course, the big draw is the Big 5 which are lion, elephant, rhinoceros, leopard and buffalo, but not to be forgotten is the Little 5 which is the ant lion, elephant shrew, rhino beetle, leopard tortoise and buffalo weaver. Birding enthusiasts can look out for the Birding Big 6, namely the kori bustard, martial eagle, ground hornbill, saddle-bill stork, lappet-faced vulture and Pel’s fishing owl. Flora isn’t let out of the picture either. Look for these stunning trees: baobab, marula, fever tree, mopane and knob thorn.

After a day of adventure in Africa’s wild bush or between game drives, you may wish to relax or engage in some other forms of entertainment. Kruger National Park provides all you need for a well-rounded vacation. Golfers can visit the Skukuza Golf Course with 9 holes. Imagine putting your golf ball into the hole whilst a herd of impala stroll past the fencing nearby. Pay a visit to one of the bird hides in strategic locations. Picnic sites throughout Kruger Park are great for lunch-time relaxation. Alternatively you can dine at one of Kruger’s fantastic restaurants. Curio shops and shops with basic goods ensure you have all the necessities. Swimming pools at some of the camps can cool you off during the heat of the day. Amongst Kruger National Park’s facilities is a fantastic selection of accommodation. Choose from camping, huts, bungalows, safari tents, cottages, guest houses and bush lodges.

Kruger National Park is an African treasure. Book your stay at this natural haven whilst visiting the diverse land of South Africa.

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