Stellenbosch Hydro – Rejuvenate Body and Mind

Are you feeling stressed out, tired and sickly? Do feel like your body is not working at its best? Then you might want to consider spending some time at the Stellenbosch Hydro. Also known as the High Rustenberg Health Hydro or the Stellenbosch Spa, the Stellenbosch Hydro is duly noted as being the top natural health resort in South Africa. How can it lay claim to such a title? By winning four prestigious awards in just two years and achieving international fame in the process. The Stellebosch Hydro enjoys such recognition due to its high standard of business practice, its level of personal attention and the brilliant treatments which it offers. The last three years have also been spent investing in the Hydro in order to upgrade facilities, treatments, administration and customer service. Clearly such efforts have been richly rewarded.

The Stellenbosch Hydro has been accredited with four rather different and prestigious awards that clearly indicate just how well run the establishment is. The fact that it was the gold medal recipient for the ‘Foundation for Excellence in Business Practice’ from Geneva in 2004 highlights the excellent service and administration of the Hydro. It also won the international gold award for the ‘Tourist, Hotel and Catering Industry’ from Madrid in 2005 and the ‘Stay Spa of the Year in the Southern Region’ from the RSA Health Spas Guide in 2004. But perhaps the achievement which sums it up the best was the gold award for ‘South Africa’s leading Spa Resort from World Travel Awards’ which was awarded in London in 2005. Clearly, the Stellenbosch Hydro is a truly elite facility.

When you visit the Hydro, you will find that it has been developed as a sort of monument to natural health. It specializes in naturopathy which is a holistic approach to helping individuals establish optimum health. This is done by working with the person’s mental, physical and digestive health. The Stellenbosch Hydro establishes a personalized diet for its clients and gives them hydrotherapy, structural manipulation, relaxation therapy and nutrition and lifestyle counseling, amongst other things. Treatment programs range from three-day anti-stress programs to ten-day classical health treatments. Generally speaking, by the end of the program, clients have detoxed, relaxed, exercised and have been lectured on maintaining a healthy balance in work, exercise and diet. It’s truly is a world-class experience so book your stay today.

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