South Africa’s Museums – Culture and Heritage

When exploring another country, another city or even your own home-town, one easy way of getting loads of information, gathered in one place and presented in a logical, informative, and often entertaining manner, is to visit the local museum. Visitors to South Africa, or South Africans exploring their own country, would be hard-pressed to find even the smallest town that does not have some sort of museum, usually documenting the human history of the area, and often showcasing the natural and geological wonders to be found there. While some of these museums may only take a short while to view, they provide fascinating insight into the people and circumstances that shaped the town as it stands today.

In the bigger cities there are likely to be museums built around a theme that may be relevant to the entire country, such as the Apartheid Museum and the National Museum of Military History in Johannesburg, the Nelson Mandela Museum in the Eastern Cape, and the National Cultural Museum in Pretoria. Other museums may deal with a special field of study or interest, such as the Adler Museum of the History of Medicine, or the James Hall Transport Museum, both in Johannesburg.

Certainly much can be learned from museums, many of which came about through the dedication of groups of people who believed, and continue to believe, that museums are of great benefit to the general public. As you explore this beautiful country located on the southern tip of the African continent, be sure to take some time to visit South Africa’s fascinating museums.

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