Bontebok National Park – Colourful Nature Park

The symbolic face of nature conservation, the bontebok is a proud and pretty animal. With a strong white blaze running down the centre of it’s face combined with shades of light and dark brown, these intriguing creatures have found their way onto a list of outstanding conservation achievements by their amazing rebound from near extinction to sustainable numbers. The Bontebok National Park has a lot to do with this success story. However there is much more to the park than just one success story.

The Bontebok National Park is sheltered by the magnificent Langeberg Mountains which provide a picturesque backdrop to a colorful reserve. It is a refuge for a variety of animals such as the Cape mountain zebra, the red hartebeest and the grey rhebok. There are also over 200 different bird species which have made their home here. Most of these animals quench their thirst at the Breede River which borders the park to the south. The river also provides a vital water source which sustains the beautiful fynbos in the region. The Bontebok National Park is situated in the Cape Floral Kingdom which is known for being one of the smallest but richest of the six World Heritage Site floral kingdoms. It enjoys a temperate climate, excellent vistas and stunning wildlife and vegetation. In fact, there is almost always something in bloom and the average visitor is stunned by the array of color that can be found here.

Just one of the Bontebok National Park’s achievements is the successful management of the Bontebok antelope. At one stage only seventeen of these beautiful creatures existed but this has since expanded to an astonishing 3000! It has also taken steps to protect the endangered fynbos veld of the region and the coastal Renosterveld. Besides enjoying the animals and plants that can be found here, visitors can go hiking, swimming, bird watching, fishing or explore some of the local khoisan history. The Bontebok National Park is the perfect weekend stop along the Garden Route so make sure that you include it in your plans.

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