Karoo National Park – Escape Busy City Life

Karoo National Park, located in a vast unforgiving landscape, is the habitat of a diverse collection of flora and fauna. All life here is well adapted to survival in the harsh Great Karoo conditions. The Karoo National Park, with its sparse vegetative covering, is a game-viewers dream. The national park which at first glance may not seem to offer much to visitors, is in fact filled with fascinating natural wonders which make up South Africa's largest ecosystem, the Great Karoo.

On entering Karoo National Park you will see expansive plains stretching out before you with the magical backdrop of impressive mountains. The park chiefly encompasses the grandiose Nuweveld Mountains. The Park is once again home to a number of species that originally occurred here. Karoo National Park is known to host a number of endemic wildlife, that is, species which occur only here and nowhere else in the world. Succulent plants abound, providing sustenance for the herbivores that reside within the bounds of the park. Species such as black rhinoceros, Cape mountain zebra and buffalo have been returned to this natural habitat. Animals to look out for are the 20 breeding pairs of Black Eagles, which is certainly the highest density of these majestic birds in all of Africa. Keep an eye out for the 5 species of tortoise. Cape mountain zebra nearly faced extinction until this park established a population here. Springbok are the National Park’s main representatives and can be seen in large numbers. Not to be missed are the Quagga. This species, at one stage declared extinct, is being re-bred in the park. Birders should be sure to bring their binoculars to spot birds such as Jackal Buzzards, Rock Kestrels, Namaqua Sandgrouse, Cape Robin, Ludwig’s bustard, Karoo Korhaan, Booted Eagle, Pale Chanting Goshawk, Yellowbellied Eremomola, Dusky Sunbird, Redheaded Finch, Redeyed Bulbul and many more. Travel along the “Lammertjiesleegte” route for the best look-out points.

The ever impressive Karoo National Park offers visitors a variety of outdoor fun and adventure. Join in scenic drives and game viewing as well as 4×4 trails and nature walks. Bird-watchers can take advantage of the bird watching hide. Take a dip in the cool swimming pool. Even handicapped visitors are cared for with the Karoo Fossil Braille Trail. Accommodation at the Karoo National Park includes chalets, cottages, camping sites and caravan spots. For an unforgettable escape from the hustle and bustle of the cities, make your way to Karoo National Park.

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