Mountain Zebra National Park – Saving a Species

Mountain Zebra National Park is beautifully situated within the Eastern Cape Midlands. The Bankberg Mountains ease into large green plains and deep lush valleys. Home to a wide variety of wildlife, and featuring the Cape Mountain Zebra, this national park is a wonderful escape from the hustle and bustle of the cities, though conveniently located near Port Elizabeth.

The key species of Mountain Zebra National Park is the Cape Mountain Zebra, the smallest of all the zebra species. During the late 1800s and early 1900s large numbers of Cape Mountain Zebra, which covered much of the Cape, were killed off by humans leaving only 400 individuals in the region. In 1937 the Mountain Zebra National Park was created to halt the decimation of the nearly extinct species. Today over 200 zebra live in the park and the majority of the zebra population are found feeding in the Bankberg Mountains. Along with them you will find reedbuck and grey rhebok. As you head lower down in the national park you are likely to come across antelope, bat-eared fox and African wildcat. Keep your eyes peeled for Cape buffalo and black rhinoceros, members of the Big 5. Also residing in the park are Caracal, the largest predator. With more than 200 bird species, birders will have a great time spotting blue crane, booted eagle and black eagle amongst others. Game viewing is popular at Mountain Zebra National Park all year round. Rooiplaat Plateau offers the most spectacular views.

Many people enjoy the adventure of the Mountain Zebra hiking trail. This 3 day-2 night trail will bring you in touch with nature, lovely vegetation and magnificent animal life. Overnight hikers stay in luxury huts which accommodate 12 individuals on bunks. Short trails are ideal for day visitors or those who are not up for a full hike. Experienced guides ensure your safety and are able to provide you with extensive information on the natural wonders of Mountain Zebra National Park. The best time to visit the national park is during the summer months, but winters can also be pleasant. Accommodation provided at Mountain Zebra Park includes a Victorian guesthouse, chalets and a caravan park. Get away from the rush of day-to-day life and simply relax in nature at Mountain Zebra National Park.

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