Durban Theatres – Performing Arts

Durban is a place where the people are as warm as the atmosphere. Here the exciting mixture of color, culture and lifestyle adds a certain spice to life that is quite different from anywhere else in the country. The theatrical scene in Durban is quite distinctive and must be experienced to be fully understood. Many find that it provides great insight into the lives of those who live and breathe the warm Durban air. The city offers the usual mixture of comedy, drama, dance, orchestra and opera, but usually you’ll find that theatre goers and performers enjoy a more laid-back approach to performing arts.

The city also regularly hosts international acts that visit the country, making a brief stop at various locations as they entertain and delight local audiences. Most bookings can be made through computicket and performances are usually planned and prepared many months in advance. So why not book your tickets at the same time that you book your stay? That way you’ll know exactly what sort of activities you can enjoy long before you even board your airplane and leave for this fantastic city!