The African Buffalo – Powerful Beast

The statuesque bovine buffalo has an imposing presence which demands a level of respect. Reaching a height at its shoulders of 1.5meters, the buffalo weighs on average a hefty 750kg's. Whilst both the male and female buffalo have horns, the male buffalo's horns are thicker and point upwards at the tips. The female buffalo's horns are slightly more 'dainty' but nevertheless just as dangerous.

Buffaloes are herbivores and voracious feeders. Large herds of these animals can transform a vast grassland from long grass to a short-grassed field in a short space of time. In the bigger scheme of things, the short grass left behind by the buffalo herd leaves the way open for more selective browsers and other animal species to feed.

Buffalo calves are born during the months of January and April with a noticeable
peak in February. Generally an African buffalo herd is a big one. A few hundred buffalo
will often graze together although its not uncommon to find smaller groups during the
dry months. Its said that the most dangerous buffalo is a wounded one. Its potential
agressive behavior makes it a suitable member of Africa’s big 5. They are preyed
upon mostly by lions and occasionally leopards. So strong and imposing is a herd of
buffalo that it is possible for them to fend off an entire pride of lions on the prowl.

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