A Marvelous Vacation at Spier Estate

Nestled in the heart of the Cape Winelands in South Africa is a picturesque destination by the name of Spier Estate. Located in Stellenbosch, it is surrounded by breathtaking beauty and has adventures and attractions for everyone to enjoy. The interesting story of the Spier Estate in Stellenbosch started in the year 1692. Buildings on the estate, which include the slave bell and Manor House, have been restored to their original glory for visitors to marvel at. In addition, the wine cellar that is located at the Spier Estate is the oldest in South Africa.

As South Africa is a country steeped in culture, art, nature conservation and tradition, the Spier Estate combined those qualities with luxury and relaxation. Throughout the estate visitors will see beautiful displays of art, which form part of the Spier Arts Summer Season. As it is located in the Winelands of the Cape, Spier is an enthusiastic wine maker. Guests are invited to start their journey through the process of wine making in the Wine Welcome Centre. Here, visitors can taste the wines that have won numerous awards and even purchase a bottle or two to take home. The building in which the Wine Centre is housed also has a rich history. From being constructed as a barn in 1750, this building is now home to more than a hundred and seventy-five different wines. Wine tasting at Spier Estate is another unforgettable experience, which is as educational as it is tasty. Visitors will learn how to appreciate wine and become familiar with wine tasting techniques.

Another wonderful attraction at the Spier Estate in Stellenbosch, is the De Zalze Golf Course. Designed by the well-known Peter Matkovich, it has been ranked third in the Western Cape by Golf Digest. The Cheetah Outreach Program is a wonderful site for the whole family. Started in 1997 by Annie Beckhelling on land that was donated to the cause by the Spier Estate, the program focuses on creating awareness to the plight of the Cheetah and promoting conservation. Visitors will be able to get up close and personal with one of Africa’s most exquisite cats. The Eagle Encounters Raptors Rehabilitation Centre, which is located on the estate, is a non-profit wildlife organization that works with birds of prey, rehabilitating them and encouraging their protection.

Spier Estate also has beautiful walks, hikes and horse riding trails across the estate. Visitors can visit the craft market, the Spier Shop and the Manor house, to discover the wonderful pieces of art and history that are scattered over the estate grounds. Guest will be able to relax and enjoy the luxury of the Spier Hotel that offers spa treatments and the tranquil environment of the swimming pool. Visitors will also have access to the Internet, can make use of the babysitting facilities, or can take a quite drink in the bar. Spier Estate is a wonderful travel destination that will excite, rejuvenate and provide many fascinating adventures for all the members of the family.