A Thrilling Ride on the Zip 2000

Adrenaline-junkies have an additional reason to visit the lovely North West Province of sunny South Africa. Those that have conquered the bungee jump at Bloukrantz Bridge in South Africa, which is recorded in the Guinness World Records as the highest jump in the world, may think that they have had the ultimate thrill, and they would probably have been right – until now! The exciting new “Zip 2000” is the longest zip slide in the world and gives new meaning to the words of the song “I believe I can fly…”.

The Zip 2000 starts off at a height of 280 meters and can reach a speed of 140 kilometers per hour on its two kilometer journey. This new adventure activity guarantees a four-minute long adrenalin rush like no other. It is hoped that the Zip 2000 will secure a place in the Guinness World Records.

Tim Dawson, the general manager of Unreal, the company running the zip slide, sees this new adventure activity as an additional reason for South Africa to be on the international adventurer’s list of countries to visit.

The Zip 2000 adheres strictly to all the necessary safety standards. Participants are secured in a nylon harness and then suspended below a free running trolley mechanism which runs along a steel cable. With the harness strapped to the rider’s body, leaving arms and legs unhindered, the rider is free to enjoy the sensation of flying – Superman-style.

Adventurers are ferried from the popular Sun City Resort to the beginning of the ride at the top of a 280 meter high koppie (hill). The cable runs from there to where it is attached to the top of a mast two kilometers away at the Sun City Resort. Riders experience the rush of acceleration as they descend, with their height above ground varying from between 10 meters and 4.5 meters. Stopping is achieved by going uphill towards the end of the ride and then rolling back to the lowest point on the wire to dismount. The Pro-Nutro Zip 2000 offers tandem slides for those who are not confident to go it alone, and unlike most adventure activities, children from the age of 12 years can join in the fun.

Adventurers who are looking for something different and exhilarating need to get to the Sun City Resort in the North West Province of South Africa and take an unforgettable ride on the Zip 2000.