Absorb the Beauty of Paarl Mountain Nature Reserve

South Africa is known for its wilderness areas and the Cape Town area certainly isn’t short of those. Apart from the stunning landmark Table Mountain and its surrounding nature reserve, there are several other nature reserves in the area. Paarl Mountain Nature Reserve is one of these.

Paarl is the third oldest settlement in South Africa, right after the neighboring cities of Stellenbosch and Cape Town. It is an incredibly beautiful area and is known for its scenery and, of course, its mountain. Paarl Rock or Mountain is made up of a huge granite rock with three rounded outcrops. The mountain is the second largest granite outcrop in the world. Both the mountain and the surrounding wilderness are known as the ‘Paarl Mountain Nature Reserve’. The country’s famous ‘fynbos’ vegetation dominates the area and provides shelter, nectar and food for the many creatures that inhabit the area. The massive granite rocks are also surrounded by ancient wild olives, wagon trees and rock candle woods. The tranquility of the area is unbelievable and is further contributed to by the massive water storage dams that have been built here. A further positive aspect of Paarl Mountain Nature Reserve in South Africa are the stunning views of Table Mountain and the Boland Mountains that can be enjoyed from this part of the Cape coastline.

The Paarl Mountain Nature Reserve in South Africa is usually best enjoyed on foot as this is the best way to take in all the sights, sounds and smells of the area. The Klipkers Nature Trail, a circular route that takes about two hours to walk, was laid out by local schools and comes complete with a guidebook to help you make the most out of your walk. Walking also helps to maintain the beauty of the area as it is less damaging to this protected environment. Another option is to drive – and a drive up the un-tarred Jan Phillips Mountain Road is a must as it is from Bretagne Rocks that some of the best panoramas can be enjoyed. Bird lovers will find that this is a pristine bird watching area and binoculars are a must when visiting! So the next time you head towards Cape Town, think about visiting the Paarl Mountain Nature Reserve, which is only a few kilometers away. It is a real treat!