Aid provided for Taung Flood Victims

Victims of floods in Taung can look forward to some relief. In the North West Province the department
of social development will be compensating those families affected by the recent flooding.

The extensive damage caused by flooding in the village of Taung is still being assessed. However, the
flooding has damaged and washed away approximately 1 500 houses as well as bridges and roads. Many have
been left without shelter though temporary arrangements have been set in place. Villagers have been unable
to reach the town and children cannot get to school.

Sanitation and various other utilities were also affected by the terrible flooding creating health concerns.
The health department has been carefully purifying the water and there have been very few cases of diarrhoea.

Pensioners are also sorely affected by the flooding as armoured vehicles carrying money for hundreds of
beneficiaries are not able to reach the pension pay points.

Spokesperson for the department of social development in the North West, Smanga Semeleni has reported that
a social relief of distress grant will be paid to families affected by the floods. The grant will amount to
more than R2.2 million.

Mr. Semeleni further stated that more than 500 000 food parcels will also be distributed to these families this week.

It is estimated that R 230 million will be need to build and repair roads in the area, however there are not
sufficient funds to do so.

The mayor of Taung, Boitumelo Mahlangu, has stated that once flood damage assessments have been completed the
results will be communicated to the provincial and national governments so that funds for reconstruction
can be released.