AmaZulu World in the Pipeline

KwaZulu Natal is a popular province in South Africa amongst both local and international travelers. Its diversity and strong culture can be seen throughout the various cities and towns, and due to its coastal location it also attracts a great number of water sport enthusiasts. Recently at the Cityscape Dubai Expo, Ruwaad Holdings, an international development company, unveiled their latest project called AmaZulu World in South Africa. It is set to be the largest development project ever seen in Africa, and Ruwaad Holdings are extremely excited about their newest challenge.

The piece of land that has been considered for AmaZulu World is just over sixteen thousand hectares in size and is situated on the uThukela River. Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini has given his full support to the AmaZulu World project, and together with Kwazi Mbangwa (KwaZulu Natal Director-General) and Premier S’bu Ndebele, he attended the Cityscape Dubai Expo to be present at the unveiling.

AmaZulu World will incorporate the culture and natural history of KwaZulu Natal, with features that will transform the development into a world class destination. It will cost close to R44 billion, but the features and design of AmaZulu World will be like nothing ever seen before in South Africa, or Africa for that matter. One of the biggest attractions to the complex, will be the internationally branded theme park, of which there will be two, and on completion, AmaZulu World will offer approximately twenty hotels, residences, a golf course, nature reserves, a sports village development, a marina, shopping complexes, resorts, community facilities, and spas. It is estimated that it will take about twenty-five years until AmaZulu World is complete, as it will be constructed in phases, but with each phase another of the various attractions to AmaZulu World will be added.

With major events such as the 2010 World Cup and other sporting events looking towards South Africa as a host, together with its natural beauty and ideal climate, it is becoming a preferred investment country and it is believed that its popularity for future developments and investment will grow. Over and above luring thousands of visitors to the province, the project will create numerous job opportunities and benefit the community greatly. AmaZulu World is going to become, the destination of choice and a welcome boost to the economy of the surrounding area.