Awesome Praise South Africa

When we look into our hearts we all long for a world of acceptance, tolerance and more importantly, peace. To be able to live, love, dream and worship in a place where color, religion and nationality plays no role in our daily lives. But as wars rage around us, people lose their lives and loved ones all in name of World Peace. And amongst the turmoil and suffering, many forget what is vital to human survival, our faith. Awesome Praise is a concert that proves that when we focus on God and His message of love and forgiveness, a place can be created where a nation can worship, praise and celebrate as one.

On the 11th of November 2007, the Johannesburg Stadium will host Awesome Praise South Africa. It will be an evening where Gospel music and Christian music collide to create a night of remembrance for those who fight for freedom and for peace. The decision to bring people together in a concert of praise and worship was started in 2002 in London’s Barbican Hall. Its success led to the Awesome Praise concert in Washington, at the John F Kennedy for Performing Arts center in 2004 and finally, Awesome Praise South Africa will come to life in Johannesburg this year.

The Awesome Praise concerts are organized by request, and if someone would like a concert to be held all they need to do is contact Awesome Praise. Their ensemble consists of artist from the United States of America, Caribbean and Africa. They also invite local worship groups, artists and choirs to perform with them, to incorporate every form of praise, may it be dance, singing or musical. The Awesome Praise South Africa concert will feature a South African Mass Choir that will consist of five hundred members, James Okon, the Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra, Muyiwa and Riversongz, the Welsh Male Voice Choir (South Africa), Eddie Coronado, Lionel Petersen and Judith Sephuma and a great variety of Gospel artists and musicians from South Africa. The Awesome Praise worship leaders for the concert will be Osmond Collins, Olufunmi, Vision Mime and Mike Aremu. It will be an evening like no other ever experienced in South Africa, or in Africa.

Tickets to this magnificent concert of Christian music and Gospel music are available from Computicket. Golden Circle tickets are available at R200 each, and outside the Golden Circle, tickets cost R80 each. To enjoy an evening of religious freedom, without prejudice and discrimination, make sure to attend the Awesome Praise South Africa concert, where the nation can come together in praise.