Birds of Eden a Paradise

Just outside of Plettenberg Bay, in South Africa, awaits a tropical adventure for the entire family to enjoy. Indigenous forests, board walks, clear streams and bridges, create a safe and picturesque sanctuary for the birds that call the Birds of Eden complex their home. It has become a very popular attraction, as it offers an interactive environment for visitors, filled with bird song, color and a variety of bird species. Foreign visitors to Birds of Eden will get a taste of the beautiful birds of South Africa, and a few exotic species.

The Birds of Eden park spans across an area of 2.3 hectares, or 23 thousand square meters, and has a number of masts of varying heights, allowing the birds to enjoy the freedom of flight. The highest mast is thirty four meters in height and as the canyon falls away from the dome, there is fifty meters of space between the canyon floor and the dome. The careful construction of the dome makes Birds of Eden the worlds’ biggest free flight sanctuary. The waterfall within the sanctuary allows visitors to watch the birds from a unique point of view, and with fruit and seed feeders places sporadically along the board walks, visitors are able to see the birds up close. The boardwalks span a distance of 1.2 kilometers, making the park wheelchair friendly. A khoi pond and outdoor snack bar welcomes visitors to enjoy refreshments while viewing the beauty of the sanctuary.

Birds of Eden is home to approximately three thousand birds, and of the 220 bird species, visitors can look forward to seeing birds such as Plumheaded Parakeet, Wagler’s Conure, Bare-eyed Cockatoo, Blue and Gold Macaw, Princess Parrot, African Greys, Flamingoes, Senegal Parrot, Pied Hornbill and Tambourine Dove, to name a few. The amphitheatre in the sanctuary can seat two hundred people, and there are also a number of benches throughout Birds of Eden where visitors can rest and take in the sights and sounds of the sanctuary. Pet owners, unable to continue caring for their birds, are able to apply to release their birds into the sanctuary, which takes place after the sanctuary has rehabilitated them. The sanctuary is a breathtaking attraction, and bird lovers should not miss out on the opportunity to view these spectacular birds in a near natural environment.