Cape Town International Comedy Festival 2007

The Cape Town International Comedy Festival, which celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2006, has become a highlight of the social calendar for thousands of Capetonians and has gathered a following throughout South Africa. This popular event, which is running from 3rd to 23rd September 2007, has gained a reputation for drawing top-class comedians from all walks of life, from all over the world. 2007 is no exception and audiences can look forward to some incredible performances from local and international comedians, each with their own unique brand of humor.

p>Audiences of all ages can expect to be entertained during the 2007 Cape Town International Comedy Festival. Apart from the shows staged at theatres, a collection of wacky street performers will surprise and entertain unsuspecting pedestrians in and around Cape Town. There will also be township performances and free shows that are suitable for the whole family to enjoy.

International comedians from all corners of the world, along with well-known South African comics, will be performing at the Baxter Theatre in the Main Arena. These performances are considered to be the core of the Cape Town International Comedy Festival and never fail to offer entertainment that will have audiences laughing non-stop. The 2007 line-up includes Alistair Barrie (UK), Carl Barron (Australia), Laurie Elliot (Canada), Tom Clark (USA), Steve Best (UK), and South Africans Nik Rabinowitz, David Newton and Riaad Moosa.

Also at the Baxter Theatre, the aptly named “Danger Zone” is a crowd favorite. The comedians performing here don’t mince their words and have earned the reputation for being controversial, sexy and, at times, blatantly rude. So be warned, this is definitely not for the faint-hearted.

A first for the festival is, “Bek-Lash”, an exciting new program where the best in local Afrikaans comedy will showcase their talents at the Artscape Theater. This line-up of well-known South African theatre figures is sure to delight all South Africans who will relate, as only locals can, to the issues they will be poking fun at. Audiences will enjoy watching Pedro Kruger, Tobie Cronje, Marion Holm, Emo Adams, Martin Jonas, Joey Rasdien and Dowwe Dolla. Additionally Joe Barber (the joint talents of Oscar Pieterse and David Isaacs) will get to the heart of life in the Cape Flats (Kaapse Vlakte) in their unique and insightful way.

Whatever your sense of humor may be, you will not want to miss the annual Cape Town International Comedy Festival.