Cape Town the Backdrop for Bond Novel

We all know he likes his martini shaken and not stirred, and that he is the best spy that has ever come to life through novels and movies. Through the works of Ian Fleming, James Bond, or 007, has brought excitement and adventure to our lives. He has traveled the world on secret missions, escaped dangerous situations with the assistance of his high tech gadgets and brought the world’s most dangerous masterminds to their knees. In his latest mission, he makes his way to Cape Town, South Africa, untangling a web of mystery and suspicion.

The new novel, written by Jeffery Deaver, a well known American crime writer, is called Carte Blanche. Even though Bond travels from London to countries such as Dubai and Serbia, it is his monstrous rival, Severan Hydt, living in South Africa, who brings the agent to the Cape, and sees him to traveling to various locations around the city while on the trail of Hydt.

Jeffrey Deaver has been visiting Cape Town for ten years, and has therefore incorporated much of the local culture. This includes the wine that Cape Town is famous for, along with well known artists. Due to his intimate knowledge of the city, the locations used in his novel are depicted in great detail, bringing welcomed exposure to Cape Town. Readers will be able to envision the beauty of this city, and features locations such as the infamous Robben Island and Victoria Road, which is a winding stretch of road along the mountain that runs along the coast. In his book, a Franschhoek restaurant, Le Quartier Francais is mentioned, as well as some local cuisine, such as sosaties. Cape Grace was the inspiration for the hotel in the novel.

It is the 37th time that James Bond has been written about, and the character created by Ian Fleming has become an icon. The novel alone will be an advertisement for the city, and it is hoped that the novel will also be adapted into a movie, as it will mean that filming will be done in Cape Town. It is also a boost for the tourism industry in Cape Town, as it will hopefully bring visitors to the city who want to follow the adventures of James Bond in Cape Town.