CMS – Maestro, a Proudly South African Open Source Application

After months of intense development we are proud to announce the official public release of the Valente Online CMS-Maestro, an open source php content management system. Developed and maintained by Valente Online, a South African web development company. Valente Online was established and is run using open source software exclusively. We strongly believe in the potential of open source technology and systems. It was therefore only natural to release the Valente Online CMS-Maestro under the GPLv3 open source license, in the hopes that our contribution to the open source collective will be useful in promoting the utilization and adoption of open source software as main stream.

The CMS-Maestro is built with extensibility in mind and is designed in a modular fashion, therefore additional features and functionality can be added easily to the Maestro.

Core components included in the Valente Online CMS – Maestro

* Pages: general page creation and management
* Articles: best suited for news or blog posts
* Forms: easily build contact or application forms for your users
* Categories: sort and organize your content
* Widgets: add additional dynamic blocks such as page lists
* Menus: easily manage your website’s main menu
* Media: effortlessly add and manage various media on your site

Other features the CMS – Maestro includes

* convenient Google Analytics integration through the admin dashboard
* WYSIWYG content editor (tinyMCE)
* clean url support
* 100% theme-able with php templates
* Component support to extend the Maestro
* Automatic content url aliasing
* Automatic description and keyword meta tag generator for search engine indexing
* Multiple administrator accounts
* Custom administrator permission settings

The CMS – Maestro enjoys a rapid development cycle, and new versions are released often, as we have faith in the system and use it for many of our own projects. Feel free to download the system and enjoy!