Dana Bay along the Garden Route

Dana Bay is a wonderful destination in Mossel Bay that is often overlooked by visitors, as they are under the impression that it is merely a suburb of the picturesque coastal town. But there is so much more to Dana Bay than meets the eye, and it is one of the few destinations in South Africa where the animals have the right of way, and people live their lives in accordance with nature. It is a community that strives to conserve and protect the wildlife and vegetation of Dana Bay, and is therefore a wonderful attraction and breathtaking part of the Garden Route.

Dana Bay began its existence as farmland for grazing livestock in 1821. In 1972 the land was bought to create a retirement village that only provided two thousand plots for its future residents. But all the planning was done with conservation in mind; street names were given botanical names and created so as to minimize erosion. Conservation status was given to Dana Bay on 27 May 1998, after a group of nature enthusiasts forwarded the application in 1992. Dana Bay is now a conservancy, and its residents take pride in the conservation of the animals, endemic plants and participating in projects that raise conservation awareness. Buildings for the town were also erected and designed around the dispersion of Fynbos seeds and the known movement of the animals, so as not to infringe upon or disrupt nature. As all the animals in the conservancy are protected, visitors are requested to take extra care when driving in Dana Bay, to ensure they do not injure any animals accidentally.

Some of the animals on the conservancy include mongooses, bush buck and mountain tortoises, as well as a wonderful range of birds, approximately eighty-five species, with a marine life including dolphin and Southern Right Whale sightings to match. Dana Bay does offer visitors attractions and activities to enjoy, such as picnics, hiking trails, eco adventures, water sports and yachting. There is also a fascinating museum to explore and quaint restaurants that have mouth-watering menus and ice-cold refreshment waiting for visitors after a day of adventure and exploration. When in Mossel Bay, or simply touring the Garden Route, tourists are recommended to visit Dana Bay and experience a unique and breathtaking destination.