E-is-for-Elephants: Jamming Art for Elephants

A “paintertainment” event hosted by Artjamming and the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) took place at the Cavendish Square in Cape Town on Thursday the 12th of July. Celebrities and dozens of youngsters spent the day busy with brushes and canvas, jamming art and colourfully expressing their affection with a purpose of saving elephants from the cruelty of the ivory trade.

Celebrities including former Miss South Africa Cindy Nel, professional soccer player Ryan Botha, Jacqui Mol (wife of Michael Mol) and many radio presenters from Good Hope FM and MFM worked alongside children from “Reach for a Dream” to paint doors that will go on auction to raise funds to protect elephants. An auction of their “masterpieces” took place in the evening in Cavendish Square’s Centre Court and was managed by South Africa’s best loved Big Brother winner, Ferdinand Rabie and Ishmail Hendricks, contestant on the Apprentice.

“We decided to paint and auction doors as they can be installed as a permanent reminder of our need to remember and save elephants from the ivory trade,” Lisa Cant-Haylett, of IFAW Southern Africa. E-is-for-Elephants is a project of IFAW’s worldwide Animal Action programme to inform children about animals, their habitats and their role in the world. It also hopes to encourage young people to become directly involved from a young age into promoting actions, attitudes and policies that will create a better world for animals and humans to live together. “Some people jam music, but today kids got a chance to jam art and express their affection for elephants. When children speak, the world listens and the E-is-for-Elephants event gave them a chance to become youth activists for a day to save elephants” said Leora Israel of Artjamming.

Artjamming and IFAW would like to thank Cavendish Square, Col’Cacchio, Spur and Distell for their kind sponsorship and support of the E-is-for-Elephant event.

Article contributed by: Younique Concepts