Elephant Safaris South Africa

Moving slowly through the bush, you hear a rumbling beneath you, it is not the sound of an engine, rather it
is an inner chord struck by a living creature, an elephant. What better way to explore Africa’s wildlife than
in contact with these large intelligent beasts who provide the ideal vantage point. An
Elephant back safari in South Africa is a never to be forgotten experience that will
truly touch your soul. South Africa’s elephant safaris are the perfect means to view
wildlife up-close along with these gentle giant companions. Elephant back safaris in South Africa
are available in a variety of locations and are worth the expense.

Become acquainted with the world’s largest land animals, the African Elephant. These impressive ‘steeds’ can reach 6
tons or 11 000lb in mass, 4m at the shoulder and run at a speed of 40km/h (don’t worry, you won’t be traveling that
fast!). Besides admiring their majestic beauty, you will be astounded at each elephant’s individual personality.
Certain members of the herd may be more reserved whilst others are more boisterous or dominating, all of them endearing.
Interact closely with the elephants whilst riding, walking amongst them or even splashing in the water with them. South
African elephant safaris are a unique experience that you will always carry with you.

On an elephant back safari you are likely to have the greatest game viewing adventure of your life. The elephant’s own
smell masks that of the riders and enables you to get very near to buck, rhinos, giraffe and other African residents.
Just think of all the wildlife you will see seated on your living transporter.

Elephant back safaris offer a variety of options whether it is a day trip or a safari covering several days and all your
needs are generally taken care of. A comfortable saddle will be strapped to the elephant and you will be assisted on along
with the elephant handler. The ride itself usually lasts an 1 ½ hours, perhaps more. You will find that you quickly settle
into the rhythm of the elephant’s strides. Meals are generally catered for. Accommodation is of a high standard for those
planning longer safaris.

Camp Jabulani

Camp Jabulani located in the South African Limpopo province was the first reserve to introduce elephant back safaris. It is
named for the young elephant bull who was found nearby and fostered by Lente Roode back to good health. The founder of
Jabulani Camp, Lente Roode later discovered a herd of twelve trained elephants from Zimbabwe who were in danger. They were
introduced into the Kapama Private Game Reserve here in South Africa. Today Camp Jabulani is a luxury tented camp with 13
adult elephants, namely Jabulani, Sebekwe, Nfuli, Jim, Semopane, Lundi, Bubu, Mnuyati, Joe, Setombe, Tokwe, Fishan and Dande,
who are very willing to take you on a trail. As a Big 5 game reserve you will be able to view lion, rhinoceros, leopard, buffalo
and of course elephant. You are certain to learn much on your visit here. Contact the camp directly for details on rates and

Addo Elephant Back Safaris

Addo Elephant Back Safaris located in South Africa’s Eastern Province offer you the options of walking amongst the elephants
and learning about their behavior or riding on the friendly hulks through a diversity of South African landscapes. Contact
them to find out about safari options and costs.

Magaliesberg Elephant Sanctuary

This Elephant Sanctuary and Guest lodge is beautifully located in the stunning Magaliesberg mountains of the North West
Province. There is an abundance of wildlife to view here as well as 12 lovely elephants. Elephant Sanctuary is all about
being hands-on with elephant back safaris, walks with the elephants as well as grooming and feeding the elephants. You will
find it an opportunity for enlightenment and enrichment, an all-round magical encounter. Contact the Elephant Sanctuary to
discover what they offer and the rates.

Your South African elephant back safari will be an unimaginably amazing adventure. Become one with nature as you interact
with these extraordinary creatures, a truly fulfilling and unforgettable opportunity.