Excitement Awaits at Molweni Private Game Reserve

Nature lovers who enjoy trying new things and getting involved would do well to consider taking a trip to Molweni Private Game Reserve. This stunning little wilderness area is located in the Eastern Cape of South Africa and offers not only stunning accommodation and wildlife, but also the opportunity to try something different.

The Eastern Cape has a reputation for providing great, malaria-free wilderness excursions. The area has a wonderfully diverse array of flora and fauna and the landscapes are striking. The Molweni Private Game Reserve is nestled here in the Waterkloof Valley – an area with a strong historical presence. This was the setting for the 8th frontier war, also known as the War of the Prophet, which took place between the Xhosas and British from 1850 to 1853. Those interested in discovering more about the historical legacy of the country will delight in a visit to the many different historical sites in the area. Places such as Mundells Krantz, Fort Fordyce, Kroomie Heights, Mount Misery, Harry’s Kloof, 10th Pass, Iron Mount and Fullers Hoek will help you to learn more about South African history in an interesting, hands-on sort of way.

However the real appeal to the Molweni Private Game Reserve are the game viewing opportunities and the chance to get involved with an ‘original Nguni cattle roundup’. Similar to an American-style cattle drive, adventurers set out on horseback and help to drive the local Nguni cattle from one point to the next over a period of three days and four nights. Unlike the American cattle drives, getting involved with the Nguni cattle roundups means you will be surrounded by African bushveld and wildlife the entire time. Other activities worth participating in at the game reserve include game viewing, horse trails, mountain biking, hiking, bird watching, photography, abseiling and more.

As if that wasn’t enough, the owners of the Molweni Private Game Reserve have worked hard to ensure that the accommodation available is both rustic and comfortable. The Amahlati tented camp provides visitors with shelter and a comfortable bed. An outdoor shower provides you with a novel experience while the Thandanani Center provides a cozy place for association and a quiet drink. So visit this great game reserve and experience a whole avenue of adventure!