Experience the Thrill of Ratanga Junction

The screams of delight and excitement fill the air, with people milling around waiting for their turn on one of the adventure rides. Flashes of cameras are going off in all directions, with visitors trying desperately to capture every moment. Children are running wildly around the park, with parents trying to keep up, as the young ones explore every inch of the 20 hectares of beauty and adventure. This is the Ratanga Junction Theme Park, one of the most popular attraction in Cape Town.

By entering Ratanga Junction Theme Park you are entering into a different world. Massive trees and subtropical vegetation decorate the park with an atmosphere of adrenalin-induced bewilderment. Expectations of seeing Indiana Jones come tearing around the corner and run through your mind as you walk beside the waterways and cross over bridges. This breathtaking attraction in Cape Town cost approximately 300 million Rand to build, but when it opened its doors in 1998 it was worth every cent. The park is not open all year round, because the expense of maintaining it and paying staff in the quiet months is costly. It opens during the school holidays and over the December and January holiday period.

It is mostly the rides that attract visitors to Ratanga Junction, and here there is something for everyone to enjoy. The most popular rides include the terrifying Cobra. Standing at a height of 32 meters, with twists and turns that topple your stomach and at speeds of close to 100 kilometers an hour, the Cobra is only for the ultimate adrenalin junkies. The Slingshot allows its victims to freefall for 30 meters when all that is keeping them safe from the ground is a harness and flight cables. The Monkey Falls is enjoyed by the entire family and has the highest log drop in the world at 18.5 meters. For those who are not afraid of a little water, or getting wet from head to toe, the Crocodile Gorge is the ride for you. Escape from the hard labor on the mines, by taking a ride in the Diamond Devil Run mine train that has no brakes and does not know how to slow down. For a trip through the dense unexplored jungles, hop onto the Bushwacker for a wildlife adventure. But the fun doesn’t end there. Children can enjoy the Kids Rides, Mini Golf, be entertained by a clown or have their faces painted anyway they want.

The food court, hidden in the Walled City, has various fast food outlets and restaurants to choose from. Ratanga Junction also caters for functions and special events. There are daily bird and snake shows and often live musical shows are hosted. With twenty-four rides and almost thirty attractions to choose from, Ratanga Junction Theme Park has it all. And while you sit and decide what your next adventure is going to be, the smooth sounds of Radio Ratanga will keep you humming and your feet tapping.