Explore the Diamond Town of Cullinan

Cullinan is a small and peaceful mining town, located approximately thirty kilometers from Pretoria, in South Africa. Tourists are becoming an increasingly familiar sight here, as well as local city slickers from nearby Pretoria and Johannesburg, escaping the bustle of the city. It is a town that is rich in history, noteworthy sites, great activities, and affordable accommodation.

Just over a hundred years ago, Cullinan consisted of nothing more than a few tents and diamond hunting prospectors. In 1902, Sir Thomas Cullinan found a diamond pipe, and by 1904 semidetached houses were built for mine workers. The town was therefore named after Sir Cullinan. On 25 June 1905, the small town made its way into history with the discovery of the legendary Cullinan Diamond. Frederick Wells, who worked for the Premier Diamond Mining Company as a surface manager, made the magnificent find that has remained the biggest diamond ever found in the world. The Cullinan Diamond weighed 621.2 grams (or 3 106 carats) and was approximately 10 centimeters in length. The Transvaal government bought the diamond and gave it to King Edward VII, as a birthday gift. In 1908, the diamond was cut in half and the biggest piece can still be viewed today, as it is set in a scepter that forms part of the Crown Jewels of Britain.

Amongst the attractions in Cullinan, visitors will still be able to see the semidetached houses built in 1904, visit the graves of the Italian POWs who perished here during the Second World War or admire the beautiful stone church that was designed by Sir Herbert Baker. One of the most popular activities in town is the tour of the Cullinan Diamond Mine. They are still the leaders in producing some of the best quality gems in the world, and together with a surface tour, visitors will be able to see the mine shaft, the diamond and replica display room, underground tunnel models and the hoist room. After exploring how these precious stones are mined, visitors are invited to the Cullinan Diamond Mine Market, where they can purchase diamonds and jewelry.

Cullinan has much to offer tourists, including history, tranquility, beauty and attractions, which visitors will find fascinating and memorable.